From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A cinematographer (from 'cinema photographer') is one photographing with a motion picture camera (the art and science of which is known as cinematography). The title is generally equivalent to director of photography (DP or DoP), used to designate a chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film, responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The cinematographer is sometimes also the camera operator. The term cinematographer has been a point of contention for some time now; some professionals insist that it only applies when the director of photography and camera operator are the same person, although this is far from being uniformly the case. To most, cinematographer and director of photography are interchangeable terms. Responsibilites The English system of camera department hierarchy sometimes firmly separates the duties of the director of photography from that of the camera operator to the point that the DP often has no say whatsoever over more purely operating-based visual elements such as framing. In this case, the DP is often credited as a lighting cameraman. This system means that the director consults the lighting cameraman for lighting and filtration and the operator for framing and lens choices. In the American system, which is more widely adopted, the rest of the camera department is subordinate to the DP, who, along with the director, has the final word on all decisions related to both lighting and framing. The cinematographer typically selects the film stock, lens, filters, etc. to realize the scene in accordance with the intentions of the director. Relations between the cinematographer and director vary; in some instances the director will allow the cinematographer complete independence; in others, the director allows little to none, even going so far as to specify aperture and shutter angle. Such a level of involvement is not common once the director and cinematographer have become comfortable with each other. The director will typically convey to the cinematographer what he wants from a scene visually, and allow the cinematographer latitude in achieving that effect. On some shoots, a director may assume the duties of the cinematographer, especially when shooting nude scenes or in other physically intimate settings where the director wishes to have as few people as possible present. Some of the crew who work under or closely with the cinematographer include: * camera operator * focus puller (1st assistant cameraman) * clapper loader (2nd assistant cameraman) * second unit * assistant camera trainee (camera production assistant) * gaffer, best boy, and electricians (also called Set Lighting Technicians, Lamp Operators or nicknamed "sparks" or "juicers") * key grip, best boy grip, dolly grip, grips * production designer and art director * costume designer * color timer or colorist Societies and trade organizations An elite group of American cinematographers are members of the American Society of Cinematographers; this organization represents the upper echelon of talent and is dedicated to the advancement of cinematography. Membership is by invitation only. Equivalents in other countries include the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, the British Society of Cinematographers and the Australian Cinematographers Society. Members of these organizations are entitled to put designatory letters after their names (i.e., John Doe, ASC). There are other similar organizations in many countries, including Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain and India. In some countries, cinematography is a unionized field. In America, cinematographers (and directors of photography, camera operators, camera assistants and still photographers) are represented by Local 600 of the International Cinematographers Society, a division of the labor union IATSE. In Canada, they are represented by IATSE Locals 667 and 669. Noted cinematographers See Category:Cinematographers and Academy Award for Best Cinematography Miscellaneous The documentary film Visions of Light is an excellent look at the progression of the art of cinematography across film history, and includes interviews with many famous cinematographers. It is a good introduction for those interested in the field, and includes much in the way of archival footage, anecdotes, and famous cinematographers commenting on whom they looked up to. See also * Cinematography * Filmmaking * List of film formats * List of motion picture-related topics External links * * Cinematography Mailing List (CML) * American Society of Cinematographers * British Society of Cinematographers * International Cinematographers Guild * European Federation of Cinematographers * Creative Planet Communities Film crew Actor | Art director | Assistant director | Best boy Boom operator | Camera operator | Cinematographer Clapper loader | Color grader | Costume design | Dialogue editor Dolly grip | Executive producer | Film director Film editor | Film producer | Focus puller | Foley artist Gaffer | Grip | Key grip | Lighting technician | Line Producer Location manager | Production assistant | Production designer Production sound mixer | Property master | Script supervisor Set decorator | Sound designer | Sound editor | Utility sound technician Retrieved from "" Categories: Media occupations | Film crew | Cinematographers Cinematography From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Cinematography, English render of the French "cinématographie", is the discipline of making lighting and camera choices when recording photographic images for the cinema. Etymologically, it means "writing in the movement", from the Greek words "kinema" meaning movement and "graphein", meaning writing. Put together you get cinématographe, the name of the camera invented by Léon Bouly in 1892.[1] It is closely related to the art of still photography, though many additional issues arise when both the camera and elements of the scene may be in motion. Contents * 1 History * 2 Aspects of cinematography o 2.1 Film stock + 2.1.1 The lab o 2.2 Filters o 2.3 Lens + 2.3.1 Focal length o 2.4 Depth of field and focus o 2.5 Aspect ratio and framing + 2.5.1 Aspect ratio o 2.6 Lighting o 2.7 Camera movement * 3 Special effects o 3.1 Frame rate selection * 4 Role of the cinematographer * 5 Evolution of technology: new definitions * 6 See also o 6.1 External links History This section is a stub. You can help by adding to it. For more details, ; see History of film. Roundhay Garden Scene directed by the world's first filmmaker, Louis Le Prince, in 1888. Enlarge Roundhay Garden Scene directed by the world's first filmmaker, Louis Le Prince, in 1888. The first attempt at cinematography can be tracked back to the world's first motion picture film, Roundhay Garden Scene featuring dancers. It was a sequence directed by Louis Le Prince, French inventor and showman, on October 14 1888 in Leeds, Yorkshire. This groundbreaking event happened seven years before the Lumière Brothers' Sortie de l'usine Lumière à Lyon became the world's first commercial exploitation of cinematography, in Paris, France. The European city soon became the motion picture capital of the world. Cinematography an art form unique to motion pictures. Although the exposing of images on light-sensitive elements dates back to the early 1800s, motion pictures demanded a new form of photography and new aesthetic techniques. In the infancy of motion pictures, the cinematographer was usually also the director and the person physically handling the camera. As the art form and technology evolved, a separation between director and camera operator emerged. With the advent of artificial lighting and faster (more light sensitive) film stocks, in addition to technological advancements in optics and various techniques such as color film and widescreen, the technical aspects of cinematography necessitated a specialist in that area. In 1919, in Hollywood, the new motion picture capital of the world, one of the first (and still existing) trade societies was formed: the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), which stood to recognize the cinematographer's contribution to the art and science of motion picture making. Similar trade associations have been established in other countries, too. The ASC defines cinematography as: a creative and intrepretive process that culminates in the authorship of an original work of art rather than the simple recording of a physical event. Cinematography is not a subcategory of photography. Rather, photography is but one craft that the cinematographer uses in addition to other physical, organizational, managerial, intrepretive and image-manipulating techniques to effect one coherent process. (John Hora, The American Cinematographer Manual, 9th Edition.) Aspects of cinematography Numerous aspects contribute to the art of cinematography. Film stock Cinematography begins with rolls of film. Advancements in film emulsion and grain structure have led to a wide range of film stocks available to cinematographers. The selection of a film stock is one of the first decisions they must make during any film production. Aside from the film gauge selection — 8 mm (amateur), 16 mm (semi-professional), 35 mm (professional) and 65 mm (epic photography, rarely used except in special event venues) — the cinematographer has a selection of stocks in reversal (which, when developed, create a positive image) and negative formats along with a wide range of film speeds (varying sensitivity to light) from ISO 50 (slow, least sensitive to light) to 800 (very fast, extremely sensitive to light) and differing response to color (low saturation, high saturation) and contrast (varying levels between pure black (no exposure) and pure white (complete overexposure)). Advancements and adjustments to nearly all gauges of film created the "super" variety wherein the area of the film used to capture a single frame of an image is expanded, although the physical gauge of the film remains the same. Super 8 mm, Super 16 mm and Super 35 mm are all formats that utilize more of the overall film area for the image than their "regular" non-super counterparts. The larger the film gauge, the higher the overall image resolution clarity and technical quality. In the realm of digital imaging, various film stocks are no longer applicable, but the cameras themselves feature image adjustment capabilities that go far beyond the abilities of one particular film stock. The cameras can be adjusted to capture more or less color sensitivity, more or less image contrast, be more or less sensitive to light and so forth. One camera can achieve all the various looks of different emulsions, although it is heavily argued as to which method of capturing an image is the "best" method. The lab Laboratory work can also offer a considerable variance in the image produced. By controlling the temperature and varying the duration in which the film is soaked in the development chemicals and by skipping certain chemical processes (or partially skipping them), cinematographers can achieve very different looks from a single film stock in the laboratory. Filters Filters, such as diffusion filters or color-effect filters, are also widely used to enhance mood or dramatic effects. Most photographic filters are made up of two pieces of optical glass glued together with some form of image or light manipulation material between the glass. In the case of color filters, there is often a translucent color media pressed between two planes of optical glass. Color filters work by blocking out certain color wavelengths of light from reaching the film. With color film, this works very intuitively wherein a blue filter will cut down on the passage of red, orange and yellow light and create a blue tint on the film. In black and white photography, color filters are used somewhat counter intuitively; for instance a yellow filter, which cuts down on blue wavelengths of light, can be used to darken a daylight sky (by eliminating blue light from hitting the film, thus greatly underexposing the mostly blue sky), while not biasing most human flesh tone. Certain cinematographers, such as Christopher Doyle, are well known for their innovative use of filters. Filters can be used in front of the lens or, in some cases, behind the lens for different effects. Lens Focal length The camera does what a human eye does. That is, it creates perspective and spatial relations with the rest of the world. However, unlike one's eye, a cinematographer can select different lenses for different purposes. Variation in focal length is one of the chief benefits of such an advantage. Cinematographers can choose between a range of wide angle lenses, "normal" lenses and telephoto lenses, as well as macro lenses and other special effect lens systems such as borescope lenses. Wide-angle lenses have short focal lengths and make spatial distances more obvious. A person in the distance is shown as much smaller while someone in the front will loom large. On the other hand, telephoto lenses reduce such exaggerations, depicting far-off objects as seemingly close together and flattening perspective. A Zoom lens allows a camera operator to change their focal length within a shot or quickly between setups for shots. As prime lenses offer greater optical quality and are "faster" (larger aperture openings, usable in less light) than zoom lenses, they are often employed in professional cinematography over zoom lenses. Certain scenes or even types of filmmaking, however, may require the use of zooms for speed or ease of use, as well as shots involving a zoom move. Depth of field and focus Focal length also affects the depth of field of a scene — that is, how much the background, mid-ground and foreground will be rendered in "acceptable focus" (only one exact plane of the image is in precise focus) on the film or video target. Depth of field (not to be confused with depth of focus) is determed by the aperture size and the focal distance. A large or deep depth of field is generated with a very small iris aperture and focusing on a point in the distance, whereas a shallow depth of field will be achieved with a large (open) iris aperture and focusing closer to the lens. Depth of field is also governed by the format size. 70 mm film has the least depth of field for the same focal length lens than does 35 mm. 16 mm has even more and most digital video cameras have more depth of field than 16 mm. As videographers try to emulate the look of 35 mm film with digital cameras, this is one issue of frustration - excessive depth of field with digital cameras and using additional optical devices to reduce that depth of field. In Citizen Kane, cinematographer Gregg Toland used tighter apertures to create very large depth of field in the scenes, often rendering every detail of the foreground and background of the sets in sharp focus. This practice is known as deep focus. Deep focus became a popular cinematographic device from the 1940s onwards in Hollywood. Today, the trend is for more shallow focus. To change the plane of focus from one object or character to another within a shot is commonly known as a rack focus. Aspect ratio and framing Aspect ratio The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of its width to its height. Beginning in the 1910s, motion pictures settled on a ratio of four to three (four units wide to three units high). Often written as 4:3, this ratio may be reduced to 1.33:1 and this aspect ratio is commonly known as 1.33. The introduction of sound-on-film narrowed the aspect ratio briefly, before the Academy ratio of 1.37 was introduced in 1932 by means of thickening the frame line. For years, cinematographers were limited to this shape of image, but in the 1950s, thanks to the unanticipated popularity of Cinerama, widescreen ratios were introduced in an effort to pull audiences back into the theater and away from their home television sets. These new widescreen aspect ratios granted cinematographers a wider frame within which to compose their images. Many different proprietary photographic systems were invented and utilized in the 1950s to create widescreen movies, but one dominates today: the anamorphic process, which optically squeezes the image to photograph twice the horizontal area to the same size vertical as standard "spherical" lenses. The first commonly used anamorphic widescreen format was CinemaScope, which used a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, although it was originally 2.55:1. CinemaScope was used from 1953 to 1967, but due to technical flaws in the design and its ownership by Fox, several third-party companies, led by Panavision's technical improvements in the 1950s, now dominate the anamorphic cine lens market. Changes to SMPTE projection standards altered the projected ratio from 2.35:1 to 2.39:1 in 1970, although this did not change anything regarding the photographic anamorphic standards; all changes in respect to the aspect ratio of anamorphic 35 mm photography are specifically correlative to camera or projector gate sizes, not the optical system. After the "widescreen wars" of the 1950's, the motion-picture industry settled into 1.85:1 (which is a cropped version of 1.37:1) as a standard for theatrical projection in the United States and the United Kingdom. Europe and Asia opted for 1.66:1 at first, although 1.85:1 has largely permeated these markets in recent decades. Certain "epic" or adventure movies utilized the anamorphic 2.39:1. In the 1990's, with the advent of high-definition video, television engineers created the 1.78:1 (16:9) ratio as a mathematical compromise between the theatrical standard of 1.85:1 and television's 1.33:1, as it was not physically possible to safely create a television tube with a width of 1.85:1. Until that point, nothing had ever been originated in 1.78:1. Today, this is a standard for high-definition video and for widescreen television. Lighting Most likely the single most important aspect of cinematography is lighting. Light is necessary to create an image exposure on a frame of film or on a digital target (CCD, etc). The art of lighting for cinematography goes far beyond basic exposure, however, into the essence of visual storytelling. Lighting contributes considerably to the emotional response an audience has watching a motion picture. The control of light quality, color, direction and intensity is a major factor in the art and science of cinematography. Camera movement One aspect of cinematography that strongly separates it from still photography is the ability to move the camera, which represents the audience's viewpoint or perspective, during the course of filming. This movement plays a considerable role in the emotional language of film images and the audience's emotional reaction to the action on the screen. From the most basic movements of panning (horizontal shift in viewpoint from a fixed position; like turning your head side-to-side) and tilting (vertical shift in viewpoint from a fixed position; like tipping your head back to look at the sky or dropping your head down to look at the ground) to dollying (placing the camera on a moving platform to shift it from one location to another on a horizontal plane) and craning (moving the camera in a vertical position; being able to lift it off the ground as well as swing it side-to-side from a fixed base postion) and a combination of all of the above. Cameras have been mounted to nearly every imaginable form of transportation. Most cameras can also be handheld, that is the camera operator literally holds the camera in their hands and moves from one position to another while filming the action. Personal stabilizing platforms came into being in the late 1970s through the invention of Garret Brown, which became known as the Steadicam. The Steadicam is a body harness and stabilization arm that connects to the camera that allows the operator to move naturally while completely isolating the movements of their body from the movements of the camera. After the Steadicam patent expired in the early 1990s, many other companies began manufacturing their concept of the personal camera stabilizer. Special effects The first special effects in the cinema were created while the film was being shot. These came to be known as "in-camera" effects. Later, optical and digital effects were developed so that editors and visual effects artists could more tightly control the process by manipulating the film in post-production. For examples of many in-camera special effects, see the work of early filmmaker Georges Méliès. Frame rate selection Motion picture images are presented to an audience at a constant speed. In the theater, it is 24 frames per second, in NTSC (US) Television, it is 30 frames per second (29.97 to be exact), in PAL (Europe) television it is 25 frames per second. This speed of presentation does not vary. However, by varying the speed at which the image is captured, various effects can be created knowing that the faster or slower recorded image will be played at a constant speed. For instance, time-lapse photography is created by exposing an image at an extremely slow rate. If a cinematographer sets a camera to expose one frame every minute for four hours, and then that footage is projected at 24 frames per second, the event that took four fours to record will now take 10 seconds to present (1 frame per minute for 4 hours equals 240 frames, projected at 24 frames per second equals 10 seconds). This compresses the event that took place in four hours into just 10 seconds. At this speed, one can present the events of a whole day (24 hours) in just one minute. The inverse of this, if an image is captured at speeds above that at which they will be presented, the effect is to greatly slow down (slow motion) the image. If a cinematographer shoots a person diving into a pool at 96 frames per second, and that image is presented back at 24 frames per second, it will take 4 times as long to watch the dive as it did for it to actually happen. In motion pictures the manipulation of time and space is a considerable contributing factor to the narrative storytelling tools. Film editing plays a much stronger role in this manipulation, but frame rate selection in the photography of the original action is also a contributing factor to altering time. Role of the cinematographer In the film industry, the cinematographer is responsible for the technical aspects of the images (lighting, lens choices, composition, exposure, filtration, film selection), but works closely with the director to ensure that the artistic aesthetics are supporting the director's vision of the story being told. The cinematographers are the heads of the camera, grip and lighting crew on a set, and for this reason they are often called directors of photography or DP's. Directors of photography make many creative and interpretive decisions during the course of their work, from pre-production to post-production, all of which affect the overall feel and look of the motion picture. Many of these decisions are similar to what a photographer needs to note when taking a picture: the cinematographer controls the film choice itself (from a range of available stocks with varying sensitivities to light and color), the selection of lens focal lengths, aperture exposure and focus. Cinematography, however, has a temporal aspect (see persistence of vision), unlike still photography, which is purely a single still image. It is also bulkier and more strenuous to deal with movie cameras, and it involves a more complex array of choices. As such a cinematographer often needs to work co-operatively with more people than does a photographer, who could frequently function as a single person. As a result, the cinematographer's job also includes personnel management and logistical organization. Evolution of technology: new definitions Traditionally the term "cinematography" referred to working with motion-picture film emulsion, but it is now largely synonymous with videography and digital video due to the popularity of digital cinema. Modern digital image processing has also made it possible to radically modify pictures from how they were originally captured. This has allowed new disciplines to encroach on some of the choices that were once the cinematographer's exclusive domain. 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LeGoy director of photography castings castle rock castlereagh cat category caterbury Catering Craft Services caulk cause caused causes causing caves cbs ccd ceiling cel celebration studios celebrities cordinators celebrity bar height director chair with custom logo management qualities required cellist celluloid cellulose cement building censorship center century ceredigion ceremonies ceremony certain certificate CFCA Chicago Film Critics Association chad chair chalkboard chalte chamber chambered chamisa chand chandran change changed changes changing channel v music vedio awards iii chapter character characterization characters charge charger charles charlotte charlottetown chasey lain videography chatham chattanooga videographer chawla chch cheap secondhand overhead projector liverpool cheapest photography lessons in long beach california check cheez digital cameras members email contacts list web camera in chefs chelsea Cherry Pickers cheshire chest chicago cinematographer chicago lighting director demo reel schools videography wedding videographer chicagoland wedding videographer chicoutimi chief Children Teachers Welfare chinatown cinematography chip pictures of mahima chloe James M. 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Chrictchurch christopher doyle cinematographer walken chroma chrominance chronological chronologiy films pic chrosziel mag fox radio focus chu mei feng church cideo ciencias cin arri convert cinematographycinematographer cinch James M. 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Description dop gaffer script what a director of photography does descriptions deserves desi vedio sample wedding photographers in ny setups James M. LeGoy Director of photography pics y desire paid site desi video and photographers in canada design designed designer designing designs desire desired detail of a r r i f l e x 1 6 r 3 a d v a n c e d reverse telecine in base detailed detailing details detectives determine James M. 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LeGoy Director of photography Electricians electronic cinematography clapboard electronique electroniy elegant element elements eliminate eliminates elite anamorphic lens cinemascope lens 25mm elma garcia elmo elmos elokuvaajien elope eloping else elstree email address for film directors of director of addresses of film producers movies directors and contacts of directors of camera companies europe head of departments by photos and of films managers in russia seg members of videotape series embarrassing embedded Emergency Services emerging creations productions eminem videography emirates emmerich emmy Award given by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA emovies emphasize emploi cameraman employment empty emulsion en enable encode encourage end ended energy enfield engaged Engineers Servicing Video engle enhance enhanced enhances eningen enjoy enough ent enter entered entertainment entire entireity entirety entities entity entrance environment eos ep episodes epic storytelling episode episodes epk epperson photo equal equally equipment gear racks and storage movie hollywood Tradeshows er error errors ers england erzincan erzurum es videographer ESC Society of Cinematographers in Estonia eskisehir espa especially espio essentials essenza establishing estate esteem estonia estus etc etched etiquette europe film school cinematography evaluated even event dv videography london uk videography wedding yorkshire events eventually ever everest every everything evolution exact exactly exaggerated exam example examples except excessive exchange exciting exclusive exec execs Executive Producer exerted exhibition exhibitors existing exp expenses expensive experience society ad film on experiences experiment experimental director project sounds expertise experts explosion expose exposed exposing exposure express expression expressway ext extensive extents exterior Extra extras extreme cameraman careers extremely eye eyes eyesight fabric fabrics fabulamego face faces of death facets facilities fact factors fade failure faith hill videography falkirk fall falls familiar family famous camera operator camera operators cameraman cinematographer cinematographers director of photography fashion photographers from named john fantasize fashion cordinators designing school in tvm photography courses print ad wanted british columbia show agencies in Fashion Stylist fashions fast favor favors fax Feature Films featured features federal fee feedback feel feeling fees fermanagh fernsehakademie fernsehen festival festivals fetching few FI Film Institute fiction fictional field fields fife fight club cinematography figures filament file files fill film cinematography clapstick for sale coordinator.

Direction & cinematographer director courses in chicago directors in fest festival festivals four institute in institutes in jobs in making institute in schools mise en scene definition special effects producers association in film promos photographer reviews sales in school in schools in dubai los angeles software director strip border clipart tasks directorofphotography job description training best director Film Commissions Trade Assoc Festivals Projector Rental Schools & Media Training filmark filmcom filmed filmfare magazine having pics of kareena kapoor in filmfotograf dop filmfotografer filming tip videographer filmmaker filmmakers filmmaking sekonic l398 filmmedarbejderforeningen filmming filmografia de jimmy mistry filmographie filmography filmport films institute of video films film filter filters final draft financial financing find finder fine finepix finish finished finnish fiona cooper fire firework fireworks first fishing fitness five c of cinematography fixed fixture flag flake pictures in flammable flaps flare flash flashback photography stockton california flashforward flat flatbed flats flight flintshire flip flm flo Floor Manager Managers florida flower arranging vacancies uk flowers fluid fluorescent FNF Foreningen Norske Filmfotografer Norway focal length coolpix 5700 Focus Puller tools focused focusing foggy folder Foley Artists Sound Effects folgers coffee commercials windows media player download media player wav file hi speed follow following font foo fighters videography food director of photography specialist beer commercials Stylists foot footage for forbund sale arri 435 es sale techniscope weddings Content for people in by name force ford commercials in foreground foreign foreningen forerunner forest forget form formalized formally format formation 3d studio max en vidio cameraman formats former formerly forms formula formulaic forrest fort lauderdale videographer forth on filmmaking foschi fotogr fotograf fotografia American Society of Cinematographers foundation founded founding foundland four foursome fox studios foy fps frame frames fran france francesca francis francisco frank zappa videography frankfurt franscope fred fredricton free cideo clips download basic book of photography video footage london scene aerial east model pics movies blue film photos mtv music vedio download pictures of parallel dual! 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LeGoy asc soc society of operationg camermen cinematographer James M. LeGoy Director of photography become a cameraman cinematographer director of photography dop American Society of Cinematographers videographer old photo touch up on the photoshop refer to setup digital photography studio write a storyboard for a music vedio howard hph helicopter photography HSC Hungarian Society of Cinematographers hselect htm html http hubert wilkins hue huge hugo hull human humor humorous humour hundred hungarian commercials sunsilk hungary company ltd email addresses hunt hunting hunziker hut hutch videography simi hutt hymns hype williams videography hyperfocal hyperlink hz i am an asst director looking for a break in want apply in tv dramas to become best director for films and ias iatse members volunteering to videotape rate card ICA Israeli Cinematographers Association icas aerial photo specifications ice icelandic ICG 600 International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 IATSE, USA idea identical identification identifying ideo IFF International Film Festival IFTA The Irish Film & Television Academy igdir igital camera iii ikelite iksa illawarra illegally illinois wedding videographer illuminate illuminated illumination illusion illustration illustrator ilm imac imacs image imagem imagery images for of tv ads kareena kapoor imaginary imagination imagine photography retreat oregon imaging resource resources imax theatre responsibilities projectionist imdb imformation about beaches in on gatorade immediately immense impliment implmentation importance important imformation on political parties of improper improving improvised impulses in las vegas videography in marketing in sync inc incandescence incandescent inch incident incidental include included includes including incorporates incorporating increased increasing incubus videography indentity independent index 35mm editing battery director camera lens camera operator cameraman cinematographer cinematography commercial cameraman commercials download director of photography feature film cameraman 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from 1974 2001: The London International Film School liability lib libby hoeler wmv libel Libraries Music Sound Effects Libraries Stills Photography Video Movie Stock Shot library life story and bio data of light sound projection hire rate in Lighting Camera cameraman videographer camera for film and electronic cinematography techniques for camcorder operator Director Directors Rental lights lightweight like likely lil limavady limit limited lincolnshire videography line linear lined lines linhof link linkin park videography lion lions gate lip carelakme segmentation liquids lisa boyle lefkowitz lisburn list of famous institutions in known for film making cinematography film directors in listed listerine listing videographer listings lists lit lite pictures literally literary little litvin live liverpool lives lloydminster lmno LNFS London National Film School, UK load loader loading loc location local local600 located location des Caméra sherbrooke Location Manager Managers Scouts Services location Services Locations des cameras dvcam montreal locator lochlaunshire log logan logic logistical logo logos loheed london austria and holland cinematographer schools cinematography jobs ontario photography flag photography internships videographer wedding londonderry long island videographer longenecker longer look for email addresses and of board of looking looks loop looped looping lord of the rings cinematography los angeles desi videographer director of photography videographer videography wedding losangeles loses loss lot lothian lotr Cinematography lotto louisiana videographer love low budget lowbudget lower lowry ls 443 ls443 ltd lubitel lucas lucasfilm animation singapore job opening lucknow station image wave cinema lucky 3 draw on zee music channel duck luminance luton lux advertisements lying lynch m minutes m603 ma videographer mac macguffin machine machines macintosh macro macs made madonna videography maestro mag magazine magazines maggie sottero magherafelt magic magnetic magnification magnifications magnum opus tokyo photographer magyar mahajan mahima mahindra advertisement mpeg maidenhead mail main mainly maintain maintained maintenance er vacancy in telecine uae major majors Make Up Special Effects Prosthetics maker makers makes Make-Up Assistant making a malatya maloney man manace management northern part of japan manager managers manages managing directors manchester manipulate manipulated manipulation manisa manitoba mann manner manningham manson marilyn videography manual sony dvw 790 wsp manually manuals manufactured manufacturers director manager of auckland manukau many mardin margo soap in america stilley pic ey picture mariah carey videography marie marilyn manson videography Marine & Underwater Services housing scuba panasonic dvc 30 marino mark market segmentation of maruti marketing markets directors in america marking markings marks marrante marriage martin scorsese maruti creations mary maryland videographer videography wedding mask mason storm videography massachusetts videography Massage Body Therapists massine master and commander cinematographer dies mastering mastermind match matches matching material James M. 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request cinematographer reel required requirements requires Researcher Researchers reserved reshoots residue resistant resolution resolve resolved respect respectively responsibilities of a director of photography responsibility responsible director of photography results resume dvd authoring animation mac tisch sbc ameritech chicago tv cameraman photography retained retreat return reversal reverse telecine technique in films reversed review reviewed reviews revolution rewrite rewriting RGC Russian Guild of Cinematographers rhondda rhythm richmond videographer videography rider riding Rigger Riggers rights rigs steadicam sample rim ring rings ripple rising riting ritz ritzcamera rivieres rize rko rm road robbie williams videography Robert Award given by the Danish Film Academy Awarded for the first time in 1983; designed by and named after the Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen The award is given to films, actors, directors and other technical staff robert de niro redford white rochdale rockbitch rod rodney mullen role roles roll rolling stones videography rolls rom room Rostrum Camera rotating rotherham photographic database rotorua rotoscoping rough rouyn row royalcamera rugged rule rules run Runner Runners Newcomers running runs rush videography rushes russia russian 16mm motion lenses in rutland rwb of pantene shampoo commercials s16 35bu Super16mm blown up to 35mm s8s 16s 35s 70Super 8mm Super16mm Super35mm Super70mm sachtler sacramento videographer videography sacramento wedding videographer safe safety policy of director of photography sag sahara adverts on sony tv asia in photos pics saint saintjohn sakarya salaries sale arriflex st sale second hand sony betacam 790 Sales Agents Film TV Programme Audio Equipment New Film TV Equipment used Film TV Equipment Film Tape stock, Consumables sales kars of toyota in uae method tv commercial frame sponsor ad agent usa salford salvage sam same sammy sample videography wedding samples samsun sun dual lens camera samsung 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scratches screen awards screened Screening Rooms screenplay screenplays screenwriter screenwriters screenwriting screw scrim Script Consultants Supervisors Developer Editor Supervisor scripted scripts scriptwriter scriptwriting scrpl screenplay scrutinized scrutiny SCS Société Suisse des Chefs Opérateurs Swiss Cinematographers Society founded in 1996 sculptor sea & sea for email address of regional operational alot alot for sean connery seattle videographer videography wedding sec secam second hand glidecam v8 jimmy jib rds signal generator steadicam secondary seconds section secure Security see seedy seen sefton segsegments segment segmentation segmented segments seguenay sekonic exposure meters l398 select selected selecting selection criteria for jib crane in selects self sell dubayy machine stock selling selsun blue commercials shampoo company background sony send my photographs to film directors sending senior sensitivity sent separate separated separately separates seperation 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speed shutterbug siar motion italia side sides sight and sound sign signage signal signals signatory signature signed significant signs siirt sikkim lotto software silence silent silver similar similarly simple and effective copywriting for videographers simply simulate simulations sinar since singapore photography jobs Singer single lens reflex sinop sirnak sitcom site videography wedding siteptnrs sites dealing in tv serial production and actor situation situations sivan sivaraman sivas siyaram arts tv commercial size sizes skateboard videography ski stunt cordinator skiing skills skin skip sky skycam ccd driver skydiver skydiving slack slang slapstick slate slide slight slightly slimpix slip slipknot slo slough slovenian subtitles for the last of the mohicans slovenije slow slowed slower slowing slowly slr slug smack my bitch up small camera and sharukh pic smaller smashing pumpkins videography smearing smf smfilms smooth smoother SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television ers snapshot sneak snemalcev snow snowboard soap SOC Society of Camera Operators soci social society members in arab soft softbox soften softlight software cinematographer for Film TV soho sole solihull solution solutions somerset videography wedding something sonic sonics sony 790 dvw wsp manual digital dvw 709 betacam used for sale dvw 700 wsp dvw 709 battery wsp broadcast used dvw 790 digital betacam operation manuals wsp a 500 p digital recorder new in singapore or hd camera f900 for sale used hddv camera hdw f900 london internships Soryboard Artists sothern Sound Assistant clips editing and recording institutes in Designer Editor Engineers Studio Recordists location Engineer Studio Recordist sounding soundproofing sounds soundstage soundtrack of south kensington movie soundtracks source sources south bohemia photography school florida videographer cinematographers association cinematographers movies sample clip southampton southend honda southern california wedding videography southwark sovscope sp Super Panavision 70mm or 35mm anamorphic; 22:1 space spaced spain cameraman span spark notes sparknotes speaker speaking speaks spec special Special Effects Co Ordinators Mechanical & Pyro Co-Ordinator Digital Anim schools Technician specialist specializes specializing specialty specific specification of hero honda cd dawn specifications specifiy specifying specs golden panaflex gii camera system speculation speech speed speeding speeds speedy speilburg sphere spherical spider spike jonze videography spinoff spiral spirit imax zeiss leica splice split spoken spokespersons sponsor spontaneous spookiness spool sport sports cameraman schools photography technique videography sposorship spot spph special photography spring springboard sprocket squib sr sri sridevi pics pictures wedding ss SovScope widescreen film process in the USSR st louis videographer wedding videography stabilizer stable staff staffordshire stage Stage Managers stagecraft staging stair stan stand standard standards standing stands stanislavsky star stars start state statement states station stationery status ste steadicam courses london second hand Operator Operators steady cam steady shot steadycam for videa camera step by step camera obscure steps stereotypical stes steve digi digicam digicams steven shore life experience that influenced speilburg movie e t imformation steves cameras digi digicam digicams digital stewart pinsky stick sticky still stills stirling stock stockport Stockton STOFF PSCContent Stowarzyszenie Tworcow Obrazy Filmu FabulamegoPolish Society of Cinematographers stoke stop motion commercials norelco stopped stopping stops storage stores storm story Storyboard Artist of the ad bharat gas ltd storyboards storyline storytelling stowarzyszenie str Super Technirama widescreen film process strabane strani stray Streaming Video on Web streetball strikes striking strip stripe strips strong structure structured sts Super Techniscope widescreen film process Student Films university college studio managers email contacts address in manchester Rental Film studios study london cameraman stunt companycom People Person stunts sturt style stylist subcarrier subdivision subject subjective subjects submit subordinate subplot subroto mitra subscribe to american cinematographer substandard substantially Subtitler subtitles autum in new york swedish download Subtitling Captioning success successful successfully succession such sudbury sued suffolk suggestions suisse suitable sum 41 summary summer sums sun suncoast sundance sunderland sunlight sunsilk ad download video clip ads download commercial commercials in south east asia pic website link mb natural tv commercials shampoo commercials dubai mb models pictures tvc suomen super 16 camera rental 8 moviecameras pee wee iii manual iv price superimpose superimposed superior supermm superv supervision supervisor supplies supply supplying surf surfer surfing surpassing surrey surround sus sutton sveriges svhs swansea sweden or companies director and staff personal contacts swedish cinematographers society weaving table runner sweetened sweetening swift swindon swing swiss jib switcher switzerland sydney sync synchronization synchronized synchronizing syncing synopsis synopsized system of a down systeme systems t series gulshan kumar to shoot in russia tablatures table data on polution in the uae tabletop director of photography directors kameraleute photography lessons tacoma videographer videography taff tag tags tahiti company directors list take taken takes taking talbot talent talentnet ottawa tallahassee videographer tameside tangible sheffield windsor client brands tanya lawson tao ToddAO widescreen process developed for Michael Todd by Brian O Brien and American Optical Company; originally shot on 65mm film 22:130 frames per second and printed on 70mm; special projectors tape Operator Operators taped tapes taping target task tasks tasmania tbc team teaser techn Technical Advisors Director technician technicians technicolor technique techniques technirama techniscope 2 cameras logos lowbudget mini dv techniy technology technovision lamp driver tees tekirdag telecine 8 8mm to digibeta vacancy Operator operators Colorists telecommunications telephoto photography jungles teleplay Teleprompting televis televisie television camera operator cameraman commercial models for olay Stations telewriter telford tell telling temp reel animation belge temperature ten tense tenth tera patrick videography term terms terreichischer terrence territories territory test text thames the 5 c of cinematography art and craft of the authorship of visual cameraman revenge cinema cure five c of cinematography history of cinematography king of fighters screen cambo knot last of mohicans denoument mexican director of photography official sunsilk shampoo website professional cameraman handbook school of photography and film sweden stage videographer awards theater Theatre Chains Services 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